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Cardiff Bay, Wales, the Welsh riviera                                                  

Cardiff Bay offers 2 world-class marinas, a shoreline, sailboats, fishing, numerous walks, parks, a great many restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, historic attractions, the Welsh Assembly buildings ... Cardiff Bay Marina, Wales, offers it all, attractions by day and by night.


Cardiff Bay's marina, bars and attractions, are just a 5 minute bus or train ride from Cardiff City centre, a 15 minute walk, or a short taxi ride. If you are coming by train, take a Valleys connection to Queen Street Station, usually platform 6, and swap for the Bay train; they run every 15 minutes

Jachthafen, Küstenlinie, Segelboote, Fischen, Wege, Parks, Gaststätten, Kaffee, Hotels, Stäbe, historische Anziehungskräfte, die Waliser-Versammlungsgebäude… Cardiff-Bucht bietet sie alle, Anziehungskräfte bis zum Tag und bis zum Nacht an.

La marina, rivage, bateaux à voiles, pêche, promenades, parcs, restaurants, cafés, hôtels, barres, attractions historiques, le compartiment de Cardiff de bâtiments d'Assemblée de Gallois… l'offre tout, attractions par jour et par nuit.





Once in the heart of the bay, Mermaid Quay, you will find a modest number of shops on the main thoroughfare, emerging to the waterfront and to cafes, bars and restaurants. Turn around and look up for the restaurants. If you walk left, you can follow the promenade all the way around to the barage, a great walk on a nice day (bikes can be hired in the bay). If you continue beyond the bararge you will find yourself in Penarth Marina, and can again follow the water up to the pedestrian bridge, cross over and enter the sports village (in progress).

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At this point it is wise to double-back, although you can walk across a bridge spanning the River Taff towards Techniquest to complete your journey (it is a little complicated from the sports village). On the barage approaches you will find skateboard parks, parks for kids and playgrounds, and other attractions. On the barage you will be presented with a view of the Severn Estuary, and may find people fishing (depending on the tides). You can also walk around the cliffs to Penarth front, and visit Penarth peir and promenade. This walk is not for everyone, and requires good shoes plus some risk taking as your negotiate rocks and pebbles.


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Cardiff Bay's Mermaid Quay offers may bars and cafes for patrons to sit outside and enjoy the views, when the weather is fine.




Κάρντιφ Bay' οι προσφορές αποβαθρών γοργόνων του s μπορούν φραγμοί και καφέδες για τους προστάτες να καθίσουν έξω και να απολαύσουν τα τοπία, όταν ο καιρός είναι λεπτός

카아디프 Bay' s 인어 Quay 제안은 날씨가 잘 일 때, 밖에 앉고을지도 전망을 즐기는 후원자를 위한 막대기 그리고 다방 모른다

加的夫Bay' 当天气优良时,是s美人鱼奎伊提议也许享受的赞助人的酒吧和咖啡馆能坐外面和看法

Cardiff Bay' s de aanbiedingen van de Kade van de Meermin kunnen bars en koffie voor patroons van de meningen buiten zitten en genieten, wanneer het weer fijn is

Cardiff Bay' предложения Quay Mermaid s могут адвокатские сословия и кафа для покровителей сидеть снаружи и насладиться взгляды, когда погода отлично






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